HRH was enjoying his walk and the change in the weather. The cover of clouds and sprinkles of rain were a welcome event after such a dry winter. The gardeners were also busier.  Their oversize carriages were laden with a bizarre array of oddly shaped tools to help them fight back the onslaught of foliage and keep the weeds at bay. The Prince tried to peer inquisitively inside one such carriage. Before he could even get his head inside, Lady W hurried him along. While at the same time the gardener was frantically going back and forth. Quickly liberating her implements from their confinement.

HRH now saw the reason for the gardeners hurry. The rim of the carriage wheel was flat against the asphalt. Laid so very low by a catastrophic puncture. The Prince was happy to hurry along, being a military man, rather than a mechanical man. And it wasn’t long before another carriage of monstrous proportions appeared. Rattling with chains, as the engine growled and the multitude of tyres rumbled along like a team of horses. A neon-clad warrior making short work of corralling the hobbled vehicle and whisking it away to a location unknown.