Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball was happily engrossed in a possum trail. Overhead the glorious sunlight made the sky the brightest colour of blue. While casting shadows through the trees at the same time and not allowing a clear line of sight. HRH caught another whiff of the nocturnal forager at the same time that he heard the laughter. As a result, he pulled his head up abruptly. Looking quickly over his shoulder to see who was amused at his expense? Lady W also turned to look. The Prince then wondered if she was the source of the mirth?

Merriment pealed through the trees once again. This time, louder, with more participants and for longer. For this reason, he couldn’t help but look down at his splendid ebony coat lest something was awry. However, he could not see any curl or ruffle out of place. Which is when Lady W gestured upwards. Pointing to an enormous blue gum that stood nearby. And there they were. The rowdy rabble of Laughing Kookaburra’s, each proclaiming their right to the territory in the trees. The Prince humphed in a most unroyal manner, but was secretly relieved he was not someone’s laughing stock!