HRH did not easily draw comparisons. Especially with other Royal Families. Particularly as they lived so far away in a world so different from his own. But he did like to keep a quiet eye on what happened in their domain. Since the Prince was a firm believer that one should try to understand the ever-changing enemy. As well as the strategies that would be needed to vanquish any threat.

So he was a little amused to hear that Buckingham Palace had faced an unusual and growing threat. From an army. This army was small in stature but big in might and fright for the havoc they caused. Surreptitiously building ranks in the basements of the Royal residence. Quietly secreting themselves in every crevice, corner, and cupboard of the 300-year-old residence. Spiriting away food and haunting the kitchens in the dead of night. Subsequently, growing ever more emboldened and showing themselves more frequently in the daylight hours. Striking fear in the hearts of the staff, and apparently, horror in her Majesty the Queen.

The plague of rats was growing, and making matters worse, was that many had now mutated to be resistant to commonly used rodenticides. Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball drew a deep breath. Grateful that his beautiful palace did not face this same threat, but reminding himself to more carefully sniff some long-forgotten corners and crevices in his own residence. Just in case.