HRH knew the snow had fallen on the ski fields. Not to mention that now he could feel it in the cold wind that ruffled his ebony tresses. Still, he was delighted to be out with Lady W and sniffing through the fallen leaves. Always keen to uncover hidden treasures and reveal deep secrets. A deep buzzing, rumbling sort of sound appeared, then disappeared. He looked at the camellia bushes, resplendent with blooms, yet he could see no bees. The sound reappeared. This time from another angle, as if moving to and fro. A strong gust of wind rustled the leaves again, momentarily drowning out the sound.

And in a nearby street, the air swelled with the sound of sirens. The constabulary clearly giving chase, and then that too subsided as they headed into the distance. By now the deep buzzing, rumbling, churning sound came rolling, thundering towards them again. Filling the air. Again, the Prince turned, twitching his ears. Ready for fight or flight. Until Lady W indicated to him to look overhead.

The blue and white shell glinted in the sharp winter sun. While the black blades slashed through the air as the police chopper forged a path against the gusting wind. Clearly trying to catch up with the chariots of the constabulary. However, these were already many streets away. Certainly, the Gelati Fluffballs were not afraid of any fight but today the Prince was keen to keep out of matters that didn’t concern him. After all, he would much rather continue his exploration of the fallen leaves and beautiful blooms, as it gave him far more pleasure.