Commemorating ANZAC Day 2020 will be unique for all of us under the current COVID-19 restrictions.


ANZAC Day 2020


Many Australians will stand at the end of their driveway, or on their balcony, instead of attending the usual dawn service. Participants are encouraged to light a candle, turn on a torch, or use their phone. This is part of the Light Up the Dawn campaign so that citizens can still pay their respects and commemorate all those who have done military service. And especially, to honour those who have paid the ultimate in war. Still standing in the spirit of the ANZAC’s.

The current Coronavirus pandemic restricts social gatherings but we can walk outside on our own property. So for ANZAC Day 2020 we will light a candle at the end of our driveway, wear a rosemary boutonniere, and observe a minute of silence. To show our respect for the women, men, and animals who have served our countries so valiantly.

You can read more about ANZAC traditions on the Australian War Memorial website or on the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee page.


Animals in war


Animals also serve loyally and valiantly in war. They have performed many roles in conflict over the centuries. From simple tasks as pack animals or highly specialised roles in explosive detection they stand, fight, and struggle in battle alongside their human soldiers. As we commemorate ANZAC Day 2020 it is also interesting to read more about Animals in the military and their varied service roles past and present.

There are also interesting stories and photos on the Digger History website and this wonderful poem that appears on the War Dog Memorial:

“Down jungle tracks, through shot and shell,

Ears pricked, keen sense of smell;

Our tracker dogs with care and poise,

Alert to ambush, foreign noise;

Never whimper, whine nor bark,

Their service honoured with this plaque,

No medals pinned to hairy chest,

They stayed behind, they were the best.

All gave something, some gave all,

Those who knew you, will never forget you”

Which is dedicated to the Australian tracker dogs Ceasar, Janus, Juno, Marcian, Mila, Trajan, Cassius, Julian, Justin, Marcus, and Tiber, that served in South Vietnam from 1967 to 1971.


Purple poppy


The purple poppy symbolises the bravery of animals and also their sacrifices in wartime service. This is intended to be worn alongside the red poppy in order to commemorate both humans and animals that have served. So for ANZAC Day 2020 the purple flower will appear in the Instagram and Facebook posts as we also think of the contribution that so many animals have made in so many campaigns across the world.




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Lest we forget


We will stand and remember the women, men, and animals on this ANZAC Day 2020. Respectfully honouring all who served so bravely to protect and defend our great way of life. Quietly commemorating their sacrifices as we are reminded of the value of peace and harmony.