Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball leaped up in the guard tower as Lady W arrived. He was determined that the cold, wet weather would not deter him from rambling through the enclave. Lady W was in a cheerful mood, babbling about her adventure on the weekend. Albeit, the Prince barely listened to her tales of the dolphins she had seen. However, he pricked up his ears when she spoke of the hunting techniques they employed. In the hope that there were some useful points to add to his military repertoire.

In some cases, the pod of dolphins would simply herd a school of fish into shallow water. While some members of the pod maintained the perimeter, the others took turns to enjoy a big feed. In contrast, in open water situations, there were pods of dolphins who would circle around a school of fish. Steadily tightening their circular patrol and forcing the fish into a bait ball. Then members of the pod would take turns to plow through the midst of the ball and easily gobble up a good meal.

HRH mused on the merits of these tactics. On land. With horses and knights and swords. But the wind rustled the trees, sprinkling him with drops of rain. Sharply bringing his attention back to the path ahead and the darkening sky. Best he focus on herding and hurrying Lady W along before the heavy rain came!