Who could have imagined the new day would bring a big bright bobbing bird? Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball had a fine new haircut. So His Royal Highness proudly stepped out into the enclave with his head held high. Soaking rain the previous night had miraculously revived the manor lawns. Previously dry, dying and dusty gardens had been reinstated with verdant shades of green vegetation. The Prince felt that the birds were singing the songs of spring even though it was late summer and pleasantly warm. The sovereign surveyed the treetops and his feathered friends warbled loudly.

Big, bright, bobbing bird

Surprisingly, it was a ground bird that ultimately caught his eye. With the most spectacular bright yellow plumage. The colour of a daisy. Bobbing. Up and down. Up and down. Disappearing momentarily from sight. Then darting up and ducking down again. The Prince strode forward, curious to discover what this unusual bird was. Clearly it was a fowl that appeared to live in some kind of burrow. Even the crest of this bird appeared to be yellow. The Prince decided that it was definitely far too large to be a canary. And by the same token, far too bright to be a brush turkey. When only metres away from its ‘nest’, the truth about this big, bright, bobbing bird became apparent.

Boldly bobbing in the pit

The Prince could see that retreat was a workmen’s tunnel and the bright bird boldly bobbing in the pit was an NBN worker.  The man toiled away in his bright yellow vest and equally sunny hardhat. Clearly, the reason for the colour was for safety and visibility. No wonder the sovereign could see the big bright bobbing bird from such a great distance away. To be honest, the Prince was a little disappointed. He had hoped the sudden change in weather had brought a new and exciting species into the realm…….


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