The sky was blue, the day clear and the sun shone brightly. Yet his kingdom was still in the tight grip of winter. The cold had invaded the realm with the quiet stealth of an experienced thief. Robbing any shaded area or covered corner of warmth, and worse, cosseting any damp in its icy embrace. Earlier, Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball had turned any thoughts of the coming spring to more studious endeavours. Choosing to find more on the botanical offerings of the wintertime, rather than long for the sweet smell of blossoms that perfumed the spring air. He had been both surprised and amused by some of what he found in his studies. Both in their beauty and in their entertaining names.

So his delight was complete when he sniffed out a most spectacular fungus, classified under the Leather and Polypore family. The Turkeys Tail (Trametes Versicolor) was abundant and flowing over an old stump. Reminding HRH of the copious layers of rich and colourful fabric in his royal ceremonial robes. He proudly showed Lady W the hidden treasure. Her oohs and aahs at the delightful display were ample reward for both his research and his fine work at sniffing out such a magnificent specimen.