HRH stood proudly at the intersection not thinking of a burping gurgling Water Dragon. His head held high and his shoulders back. The cool air was pleasing and the Kingdom smelled so fresh after all the rain. He gave a slight nod so that Lady Walkalot would proceed down the lane. As a result, his focus shifted to what lay ahead. Not that he could see anything.

Burping Gurgling Water Dragon

Nothing obvious appeared before Prince Gelati Fluffball. Instead, he could hear a low rumble. In fact, it was more like a growl. Or no, wait! Rather more like a boiling sound. His ears twitched left and right. Refining their position to improve the acuity. A burp. And then another. How rude!

Then he was struck by another thought. In the palace scripts of old, they often spoke of water dragons. Large scaly beasts that fearlessly swam the waterways and lumbered on muddy shores. Multiplying quickly in the wet season and growing metres high, and equally long. Could a burping gurgling Water Dragon have emerged after the heavy rain?

Hunting the Water Dragon

The Prince scanned the surroundings, his head moving swiftly from side to side. Another burp erupted, just louder and closer this time. And then the gurgling and rumbling again. Had the water dragon just gobbled a meal? There was no sign of a hunt, nor a battle. No trail to indicate that any prey had been caught and dragged to the water’s edge. The swishing and gurgling rumble reached its zenith. While Prince Gelati Fluffball strained forward and to right.

The water monster revealed

Then the monster was revealed. Or rather, the source of all the burping gurgling sounds was revealed. A stormwater drain bubbling and burping as the rainwater rushed and swelled and abated from the surrounding gutters. HRH sighed a little in disappointment. He would really have liked to encounter a burping gurgling Water Dragon today.

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