Nothing is safe from a cat attack, which is why I left putting up the Christmas tree as long as possible. And true to form, young Burmese-cross Kyron simply couldn’t resist all the glitz and rustle of the Festive Season. Not to mention the fact that Holiday Mum was paying lots of attention to something else. Which means it must be very special. With this in mind, he has to investigate. And consequently, participate in the activity to be part of the fun. Watch how this cute cat tackles the Christmas tree, liberates a shiny bauble, and runs away with the prize.

Cat attack on Christmas tree
Christmas safety for attack cats

Yes, this is all about fun and having a good laugh. However, Kyron was carefully supervised during this video and I have to give a small word of warning:

  • The pine needles from real trees can potentially pierce the gut. They may also cause peritonitis if eaten, or cause an obstruction in the bowels
  • Pretty lights mean electric cords. And kittens especially, like to gnaw on them, creating an electric shock risk
  • Tinsel and other ornaments that rustle and move may be pounced on with glee. Although if swallowed can potentially obstruct the digestive tract
  • Cats love to swipe at baubles. Unfortunately, if they are glass they could break on tiles or hard surfaces cutting delicate kitty paws

Have fun watching your cat attack the Christmas tree, pummel the shiny baubles and make off with Santas hat. But also play it safe and keep an eagle eye on your precious puss this holiday season. And if necessary, keep the Christmas tree locked away and safe from a cat attack while you’re not there.

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