You may have thought there was an audience craning their necks to see the monarch.  After all, the Prince had stepped out of the Palace with the powerful stride of a General and the bearing of a King. In spite of this, his mission was not military. In general, peace reigned in the verdant empire, although the drought was systematically eroding the lush vegetation. With this in mind, HRH inspected the undergrowth and reflected on the fires.

An ominous rumble reached his ears. Thunder? No, it couldn’t be. The sound was too low to the ground and the air did not smell of impending rain. It sounded like a lumbering herd as big as elephants. An army. But not of men, nor of tanks. Indeed, there was the unmistakable and deep growl of an engine as it strained up the hill. Monolithic troop carriers? The Prince was craning his neck to see what would appear over the rise.

Under the circumstances, he wondered if he should feel afraid. But the slow progress of what now sounded like a lone marauder did not seem worthy of great concern. From where he stood there were many routes of attack, and equally, multiple routes for a retreat. He stepped forward, peering toward the sound, hoping to glimpse something that would inform his next move. The rumbling sound reached a zenith as the gargantuan beast crested the hill.

HRH’s trepidation was replaced with curiosity as he was now craning his neck to see the whole monstrosity. An enormous truck slowly rolled by his vantage point. Hauling a massive crane. Clearly, incredibly heavy and most probably designed to lift the cumbersome concrete blocks that were used in construction. He panted with a little excitement. Generally speaking, he loved the prosperity and progress that was evident in the royal enclave.


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