Somebody set off on a mad-crazy run for their dog walking date today…. and it’s no surprise that they were tuckered-out by the time they got home! And then Holiday Mum’s lap wasn’t long enough, so they found a great cushion to rest their weary long body and short limbs.

This delightful Dachshund is Zazu and he is only a year old. He loves padding along on his puppy paws as we head out in Cherrybrook. Of course, when the pace is hotter than a Sydney summer, the little pupper is pooped in no time. Hence the term Dachsie Dash and Crash. And his pawsome pawrents give him the run of the house, and the couch! As a result, Zazu is adept at arranging the cushions and making himself comfortable to enjoy a post-walk snooze.

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