HRH looked up at the grim skies. His morning seemed as dull and drear. As a matter of fact, he was bored and wanted some fire and spice and bold battle moves. For this reason, he pressed Lady W to tell him a tale of bravery as they walked.

Quest and Tanzar

She spoke of a time 20 years in the past. Telling him about her beloved German Shepherds, Quest and Tanzar, and about her home in Cape Town. Home invasions were rife, as were hijackings and daylight robberies to grab handbags and cell phones. Because the garage could not be accessed from inside the house, Lady W had to leave her home through the front door. She kept Quest and Tanzar at her side as she locked the house, before entering the garage to leave for work. Then allowed the dogs to roam free in the garage and back yard during the day. However, on this day, she had just locked the security gate, when she was startled by a young man approaching across the front lawn.

Shielded and defended

Without hesitation, Tanzar and Quest lunged forward, forming a line to provide two waves of protection. Tanzar leading the attack by plunging her teeth into the bag which the man held as a shield before him. Quest, poised for action, maintained greater proximity to Lady W, lest an attack came from another quarter. Lady W quickly assessed the situation and realised that this poor man meant no harm. He was simply walking door to door delivering pamphlets. So she called Tanzar back to regroup with her and Quest, apologising profusely to the would-be attacker. While thankful that there was no malicious intent, it was both humbling and heartwarming to know just how fast and fearless her companions were. With no thought for their own safety, they had bravely leaped into action, intent on protecting Lady W.

Prince Charming was delighted with the tale. Straightaway it put a spring in his step and he was re-energised. His mind revisiting strategies and tactics, playing out scenarios and thinking of the various defences he could offer the King and Queen in a similar situation.