Boarding Dural vs Dog Minding vs Pet Sitting 

(Part 4 of 4)

The Final Decision: Dog Boarding in Dural or Pet Care in My Home? 

In the first three parts of this series, we covered the pros and cons of dog minders in Dural, dog boarding kennels in Sydney and pet sitters. However, you may feel quite conflicted by the advantages and disadvantages that the various models of pet care have offered. 

Clearly, the comfort, contentment, and security of your beautiful fur baby is a very high priority. But everyone has busy lives and lots of pressure on their time. And as passionate as you are about your pooch, you want to balance their needs with simplicity and convenience to suit your lifestyle. 

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the aspects in relation to your dog and your lifestyle that could help you decide which model of holiday pet care will be best suited to your fur baby. 


Key Points to Consider

Are you still undecided between dog boarding kennels, a pet sitter or pet minder in Dural and The Hills District? The advantages and disadvantages of boarding kennels in Sydney, pet sitters and dog minders were covered in the previous three parts of this series. But there are also five key considerations to be reviewed when choosing a model of care for your dog. These are:

  • Age and Health of Your Dog

Your dog’s age and health both play an important role in how they adapt to changes in their environment and their daily routine. As a broad generalisation, younger canines are usually more adaptive to the changes around them. Conversely, an older animal is more likely to be set in its ways and become unsettled by disruptions in the routine. Older animals are also more likely to have health concerns, for example, arthritis and obesity, and thus have more complex requirements for their daily care.

Boarding kennels in Sydney offer an environment that may suit puppies or very young dogs who are well socialised and energetic. Pups may enjoy the excitement and stimulation of having lots of other dogs around them. With cycles of boundless energy and lots of naps, a puppy could be kept well-entertained in this setting. The distractions offered by the habitat can potentially alleviate any initial anxiety that they may experience due to being separated from you.

However, if your puppy is already anxious or poorly socialised with other dogs, you may prefer to keep them in the more settled and less activating surroundings of your home. In this case, an option could be a pet sitter in The Hills District. However, make sure that the pet sitter will not only guarantee to spend an adequate amount of time with your young animal every day, but will also provide sufficient stimulation and play over the duration of their stay in your home.

Perhaps you have the combination of a puppy and a mature dog. If so, multiple daily visits from a dog minder in Dural should work very well. The adult dog will provide companionship for the pup between visits, as well as engaging in stimulating play and other suitable doggie interactions with the puppy. But make sure you choose a dog minder who can complement your dogs’ interactions with additional stimulation when they conduct their pet care visits. 

There’s no doubt the best pet resort in Sydney is still your own home. In particular, adult or elderly dogs may simply prefer to stay in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. They tend to enjoy long naps accompanied by short periods of activity and stimulation each day, as they tire more quickly. So, a mature animal would generally be quite content with a once or twice daily visit from an attentive dog minder.

Dogs with unique or special needs may be better suited to more customized pet care arrangements. Examples would be a bespoke dietary regimen, regular medication administration or a tailored exercise program. Or perhaps a combination of these elements that makes the pet care they require more complex. This may be easier to arrange with a dog minder in The Hills District or a pet sitter in Dural, who can tailor both the pet care and the scheduling of their visits to your specifications.

  • Temperament and Socialisation of Your Dog 

The temperament of your dog in relation to their own personality and breed, as well as their degree of socialisation, is important. This will influence how they adapt to and cope with the different models of pet care in Sydney. As a general rule, calm and well-socialised puppies and adult dogs should do well, regardless of whether they are cared for in your home by a dog minder or housed in a pet resort in Dural.

Perhaps your dog is anxious or does not get on well with other dogs, or has been rescued and was exposed to trauma prior to you adopting it? In such cases, your pets may be better suited to remain in the safe and familiar environment of their own home. 

A dog minder in The Hills District can provide customised care that minimises disruption to your dog and fits in well with their routine. A pet sitter in Sydney could also work well, but make sure that the dog sitter you choose will limit external stressors, like bringing strangers into your home. They should also replicate your dog’s normal daily routine and spend adequate dedicated time with your pooch every day. 

Consider the personality and breed of your dogs and the type of environment they flourish in. Perhaps they are high-energy, working dogs that need large areas to run and play. Will a boarding establishment provide them with sufficient access to large enough free-range areas to exercise? Are they best kept in a secure facility where they can’t jump fences and run away? Or would they do better at home if you have a large, secure yard that they can tear around in while you are away? 

Maybe you have a sooky pooch that has been bred to spend their time on someone’s lap. Their whole purpose in life is to hang out with their human companions. In this case, a canine with this personality type may prefer to snuggle up to a dedicated pet sitter who is prepared to spend many hours in your home and be very attentive to your fur child.

Perhaps you have an easy-going canine, one who does not want too much excitement and enjoys a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, they still want cuddles and playtime, but are not willing to give up their long naps in their favourite spot. Then a dog minder in Dural would be a great match for them. Providing dedicated visits, with focused attention at each visit, and then allowing your fur child to relax and enjoy the rest of the day in his own way.

You can review the advantages and disadvantages of dog minding, dog boarding, and pet sitting in part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the topic.

  • Duration of Care

You will also need to weigh up the stress and impact your choice of boarding kennels in Dural, dog minding or pet sitting in The Hills District is going to have on your dog, in relation to the period of care required. This may be different across the models of care, depending on whether you are away for short, medium or long periods.

For a quick weekend away, it may be more convenient for you to simply have a dog minder come to you. This way, there will be minimal disruption to your pet’s routine, as well as less impact on your own time. You can then avoid the potential stress and anxiety associated with a trip in the car for your dog, especially if they have negative associations with car travel. It will also avoid the angst that may be caused by the busy and noisy environment of a pet hotel. 

In unforeseen circumstances, for example if you become ill or suffer an injury that will impact on your health for a few weeks, you might require a different pet care solution. In these situations, depending on the severity of your condition, you may find it a weight off your shoulders not to have the responsibility of caring for your dog. Sending them to boarding kennels in Sydney could give you the reprieve that you need in order to rest and recover. On the other hand, your condition may not be too severe, and you feel you can comfortably manage some of your dog’s care yourself. A pet minder in The Hills District or dog walker in Dural can assist you with some aspects of their daily routine, in a shared-care arrangement.

Perhaps you are finally going away for that holiday of a lifetime. The dream vacation where you spend several weeks overseas. But this extended absence will have a big impact on your fur baby and influence the model of pet care in Sydney that is best for them. 

Take into consideration that your dog will predominantly spend their time on hard surfaces when housed in boarding kennels. This facilitates cleaning and infection control; however, it may not be ideal for their physical comfort for an extended period of time. The comfort, security, and familiarity of your own home, with a dog minder or pet sitter in The Hills District, may be a better choice. Make sure, however, that your chosen pet carer will provide the interaction and stimulation required, along with the maintenance of your dog’s routine and care requirements.


  • Time in the Company of People

Dogs are animals with a strong social orientation, which is why they enjoy being part of your family. That said, consider how much time you and your pooch actually spend together. Think about your daily routine, work commitments, children’s sport and activities, and how much time you give your dog one-on-one attention. 

You might find that you don’t spend quite as much time with your dog as you thought. Does your fur baby spend most of the day out in the yard? Listening to the neighbourhood sounds, having a bark at the postie and taking long naps under their favourite tree? Or do you work from home and your dog spends all day lying at your feet, regularly nudging you for a pat? 

With answers to the above in mind, match the services that each provider will offer with the time, care, and attention that will be best for your dog, in relation to the time that you will be away. You may like to go back and review the pros and cons of boarding kennels in Sydney, or dog minders and pet sitters in The Hills District, now that you have re-evaluated the time your dog spends in your company.


  • Convenience, Flexibility, and Customisation of Pet Care Arrangements

Your own lifestyle and needs are also important considerations in whether you engage a dog minder in Dural or decide to send your dogs to one of the many Sydney pet resorts. Your dog can sense when you are anxious and stressed, rushed and harassed.  Therefore it’s important to make choices that work for you and your family as much as they work for your dog.

Think about how convenient it will be for you to transport your dog to a boarding facility. Will you need to take time off work? And will the distances to boarding kennels mean a big commitment in time and additional petrol costs? Some pet resorts in Dural offer transport services, which may take some of the pressure off you. But what if the trip in the car causes anxiety and distress for your favourite canine? Your dog may associate the ride in the car with an unpleasant experience, like going to the vet. In this case, therefore, it may not be a great choice.

Perhaps you’re time-poor and balancing lots of responsibilities. The flexibility of someone coming to you at your convenience could be the best option. Dog minders or pet sitters in Sydney will generally be able to conduct their pre-care visits outside of normal working hours, or at weekends. Fitting in with your schedule which will ensure a seamless transition from your pet care to theirs. 

Do you just go with the flow and your dog joins in, adapting to new situations and changes in routine? Do your pets adjust easily to the company they are in and remain amiable in most situations? These pets are most likely to be happy with any of the models of pet care you choose for them.

But perhaps you want to have more control over how your dog will be managed in your absence? Do you think a more specific approach to their care is needed, because of their breed and temperament, or more complex requirements? Examples would be a bespoke dietary regimen, regular medication administration, or a tailored exercise program. Perhaps a combination of these elements means they require more customised pet care solutions. In these cases, a dog minder in The Hills District or a pet sitter in Sydney can tailor both the pet care components and their visits to your specifications.


Dog Minding, Pet Sitting or Dog Boarding Dural? It’s Your Choice

The choice is yours: a dog minder or dog boarding Dural, or a pet sitter in The Hills District. I trust that the above insights provided on the five key considerations in choosing a model of pet care have been helpful to your decision-making process. For more detailed information, read part 1 of this article relating to dog minding. Part 2 of the article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Sydney dog boarding kennels. Part 3 goes over the positives and negatives of dog sitting

Do you have more questions or are still not quite sure what to do? As a Veterinary Technologist, I have worked in boarding kennels, as well as being a pet sitter, and a dog minder in people’s homes. 

I can help guide you to whether boarding kennels in Dural, dog minding in your own home, or a pet sitter in The Hills District in Sydney is the best model of care for your dog. Give me a call on 0406 863 751 or send me a message, to discuss the individual needs of your pets. Or you can find further details about my dog walking and pet minding services in The Hills District here.

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