Dog Minders Sydney – Is Dog Minding at Home My Best Option for Holiday Pet Care?

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Dog minders in Sydney are all the rage, however you are still uncertain and asking: Should I arrange for pet care in my own home with a pet sitter or pet minder? Or should I take my dogs to boarding kennels in Sydney while I am away? What about a pet resort in Dural? What is the best option for my dogs and why?

These are some of the questions that many dog owners are faced with when planning a trip. They often have conflicting thoughts about the options available. Ultimately, they just want their much-loved companion to be safe, well-cared for and content while they are away. So here is the first in a series of blogs, looking at the pros and cons of the various models of pet care.

Let’s start with one of the latest trends in pet care.

Dog Minders Sydney

Sydney dog minding services bridge the gap between sending your pooch off to one of the many Sydney pet resorts or boarding kennels, or using a dog sitting service. The dog minder will come to your home at a pre-arranged time, or even make multiple daily visits to deliver care, as required. 

You can arrange this in a manner to reflect your dog’s normal routine and, if necessary, to administer medication at the appropriate times. Most service providers will also include dog walking on at least one of their daily visits.

Below are some of the pros and cons of dog minding services in Sydney. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of dog boarding and pet sitting in Dural in further blogs on the topic.

Advantages of a Dog Minder

  • Having a dog minder minimises the stress for your dogs as they remain in the safety and comfort of their favourite pet resort, their usual home environment
  • Services can be customised around your dogs’ individual requirements and your specific requests can be accommodated
  • Most dog minders work flexible hours and will make their pre-care visits to suit your requirements. Whether in the daytime, evening or on the weekend, they can fit in with your work and family commitments
  • Dog minding can be a very convenient option if you have to travel at short notice, for example, an unexpected business trip or a family emergency
  • You don’t need to transport your dog to another location, thus saving you time and money as well as reducing any inconvenience to yourself. This can be especially useful as many boarding kennels may have limited hours for the collection and dropping off of dogs. 
  • Your dogs will be surrounded by familiar smells in their own territory. Thus, they will feel more settled while you are away, as well as enjoying a spacious environment to move around in. You will find this ideal if you will be away for longer periods, such as an overseas trip
  • A dog minder should be comfortable handling most breeds of dog and passionate about spending time with them. So your pet will get the most out of each visit
  • An experienced and qualified pet minder will also be able to administer medication and monitor the health of your pet
  • The very nature of the service means that the focus of the care provider will be on fulfilling the care requirements of your dog in the allocated time. For a dog minder, your pet is their only priority, in contrast to a house sitter, who may have other responsibilities or distractions while staying over in your home.
  • A good dog minding service will also include at least one walk a day as well as engaging in stimulating play and plenty of cuddles at each visit. This exercise and interaction will help reduce any anxiety and keep your pooch content while you are not there
  • With a pet minder coming and going, you have the added benefit of it being less obvious to the casual observer that your home is unoccupied
  • You can also arrange to have shared-care arrangements while you are on vacation. For example, you may have young adults living at home, but their uni or work schedules mean they are unable to feed or walk your dog at designated times. A pet minder can bridge this gap for you and provide peace of mind while you are away
  • Choosing a pet minder can also work better than having a pet sitter staying over if you want to limit access to your home for any reason. You can lock up designated rooms while still providing access to resources for the comfort of your dog and functions of care for the pet minder. For example, access to the laundry for food preparation, washing up, and for your dog to sleep inside
  • In many cases, the dog minder will be happy to help with services like watering pot plants, collecting your mail, and putting out rubbish bins, if requested.

If you would like to find out more, or to discuss what your dog needs and receive professional advice, write to me or call me on 0406 863 751

Disadvantages of a Dog Minder

  • The working hours of a dog minder are usually quite flexible. However, if you make a late or last-minute booking, the availability of a specific time that fits with your dogs’ normal routine may be limited.
  • While the pet service provider will spend quality time with your dog, each dog minder’s visit has a specific duration. You need to decide if the quality and quantity of time provided will meet the needs of your dogs. A key consideration is the temperament and age of your animal. For example, if you have a very young puppy that requires frequent attention over a 24-hour period, or if your dog is prone to continually barking while you are out. These pets may fare better in either a boarding kennel or with a pet sitter who will spend extended periods at your home.
  • A dog minder may not be an ideal choice if your property is not very secure, especially if your dog is prone to escaping. For example, if work is being carried out by tradesmen who require access to the property. In such cases, it may be some hours before someone becomes aware that your dog is missing

As you can see, pet care at home might not suit every pooch or person’s circumstances. Are you considering which models of care, like dog minding in Dural, dog boarding in Kenthurst or a pet sitter in The Hills District, will work best for you and feel undecided on how to proceed? Please give me a call on 0406 863 751 or send me a message. I can offer friendly, professional advice to ensure your dog receives the best possible care in your absence.  

In Conclusion

Choosing a Sydney dog minder for your precious pet delivers many benefits. The best of which is allowing for highly customised care arrangements, with focused attention on your dog, and great convenience for you. However, each visit only has a defined duration. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the following when making your decision:

  • Age and health of your dog
  • Temperament and socialisation 
  • Duration of care
  • Time in the company of people
  • Convenience, flexibility, and customisation of care arrangements

Click here to read more about these 5 key considerations when choosing between pet minders, dog sitters, and boarding kennels.

I trust that these insights provided on the advantages and disadvantages of dog minding services have been helpful. For more information, you can read more on this topic, that deals with the pros and cons of pet sitting and dog boarding in Sydney.

Do you still have questions or are not quite sure what to do? As a Veterinary Technologist, I have worked in boarding kennels, as well as being a pet sitter, and a dog minder in people’s homes.

I can help guide you to whether boarding kennels in Dural, dog minding in your own home, or a pet sitter in The Hills District in Sydney will be the best choice for your dog. 

If you’re still undecided about dog minders in Sydney and would like more information, call me on 0406 863 751 to discuss your dog’s needs. Or you can find further details about myself and the dog walking and pet minding services in The Hills District that I offer, by following this link.


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