Which to Choose: Dog Sitters in Sydney or a Pet Minder?

(Part 3 of 4)


Should I Use a Dog Sitter in Sydney or a Pet Minder for Holiday Pet Care at Home? 

After looking at pet minding in Part 1 and dog boarding in Sydney in Part 2 of this series, now it’s time to discuss pet sitting. All dogs are unique and complex, as is the environment they live in. So they deserve to be considered in this light when selecting the best care solution for them when you are planning to be away. 

For many of us, our beloved companion animals are akin to our children and we want our fur babies to live in relative comfort. Free from anxiety and stress, while still maintaining normal dog behaviour and engaging in stimulating activities suited to their breed and character. With this in mind, there has recently been a rise in owners engaging pet sitters to come into the family home and provide care for their pampered pooches. Let’s take a look at what these services offer.


Dog Sitters Sydney

Having a dog sitter, or perhaps a house sitter who also cares for pets, has become a very attractive proposition for many dog owners. Knowing that someone will stay overnight to provide pet care in your home while you are away sounds very reassuring. As this concept has steadily gained ground over recent years, many more people have become involved in providing this kind of care. Some work in a more formal business capacity, while others only do this on a casual basis. 


Advantages of a Dog Sitter 

  • With a dog sitter coming into the home, your pets can remain in the comfort and security of familiar surroundings. This means less disruption in their lives and minimises stress for them
  • You save time and petrol costs as you don’t need to transport your dog to another location
  • Being at home in their normal environment means that your dogs have much more space to move around throughout the day. This provides greater freedom of movement than an enclosure, an important consideration if you will be away for an extended holiday.
  • Your pet sitter should be passionate about dogs, as well as suitably experienced. They will take your dog for regular walks and engage in stimulating play to keep your pet happy and engaged
  • While staying over, a good dog sitter will spend a significant portion of their daily time providing companionship and interacting with your dog
  • Along with all this, the carer will, ideally, also allow your dog its usual indulgences. Whether it’s cuddling up with them on the couch, or sleeping on the bed. This should help alleviate any anxiety and maintain your pets’ feeling of security and comfort in your absence
  • With someone staying over, you have the added benefit of a house sitter, which makes it less obvious to the casual observer that you are away
  • As you have individualised care arrangements, you should be able to customise care to suit the specific needs of your fur baby
  • A suitably experienced or qualified pet sitter will also be able to administer medication and monitor the health of your pet, if necessary

Dog sitting in Sydney might not be suitable for your circumstances. So you may want to explore what services a dog minder in The Hills District, or dog boarding kennels in Dural can offer. Or maybe you need a dog walker for a short period. If you would like to discuss what your dog needs and receive professional advice, send me a message or call me on 0406 863 751


Disadvantages of a Dog Sitter 


  • Depending on the individual you choose, this person may have other part-time or full-time work or similar commitments. As a result, their other responsibilities could mean that your dog’s normal routine is still disrupted while you are away
  • Additional preparation time prior to your departure is required, as the sitter will be staying over in your home. You will most likely need to prepare a room for them to sleep in. You might have to clear space in the fridge for them to use, or rearrange your living and parking spaces to accommodate their needs. You will need to provide for their presence as well as your pets’ comfort while you are away
  • A common misconception is that, because someone will be staying over in your home, they will be spending all their time with your precious pooch. Consider this:
    • Your pet sitter may have a long commute to work, play a sport or have other social commitments that will impact on the actual time they spend in your home
    • The dog sitter might spend a lot of time at home, but instead of interacting with your pets, be watching TV, playing video games or working on the computer
    • The sitter may still need to attend to matters at their primary place of residence, especially during extended periods of care
  • As your home now becomes their temporary residence, the sitter might want to invite friends or family over for companionship, so you may not always know who is in your home. This makes it less secure, and could also prove unsettling for your dog if they are unused to having strangers in their space
  • Depending on the arrangements you have made, you may still incur extra costs in electricity, water, etc. as the sitter will use your resources and utilities while in your home


In Conclusion

As you can see, a dog sitter staying in your home while you are away has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is less stress and disruption for your dog, and an umbrella of safety and security for your property. However, a pet sitter may not necessarily provide more convenience for you as the owner, nor spend as much time with your dog as you may hope for. In addition to the points covered above, it’s essential to also consider the following when making your decision:

  • Age and health of your dog
  • Temperament and socialisation 
  • Duration of care
  • Time in the company of people
  • Convenience, flexibility, and customisation of care arrangements

Learn more about these 5 key considerations when choosing between pet minders, dog sitters and boarding kennels here.

I trust that the above insights provided on the pros and cons of engaging a dog sitter have been helpful to your decision-making process. If you need more information, you can read part 1 of this article relating to dog minding here, and part 2 of the article, that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of dog boarding kennels, here.

Are you still not quite sure which model of care to choose? Or do you have more questions? As a Veterinary Technologist, I have worked in boarding kennels and also as a pet sitter and dog minder. 

If you would like more guidance to whether boarding kennels in Sydney, dog minding in your own home or a pet sitter in The Hills District in Sydney will be the best model of care for your dog, call me on 0406 863 751. I am happy to discuss the needs of your dog with you. You can also find out more about myself and my dog walking and pet minding services in The Hills District on my About page.

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