HRH walked like a soldier, setting an electric and jaunty pace across the sidewalk. While paying attention to surveying the mansions and only making comment to Lady Walkalot every now and then. Seeing that the renovations and restorations were the norm, he was quite relaxed, although not distracted. Of course his curiosity piqued when he spied a man sitting on the ground in an unusual position. His countenance and stance obscured by a large gum pole so it was not clear if he was a warrior. The prince charged forward, keen to be on the offence. Ready for battle and emboldened by what appeared to be the enemy in a weak position.

As he charged past the carriage, with doors flung open, his highness saw more clearly. The brightly clad man was no soldier. Instead, a worker from the electricity company. Charged not with marching into war, but rather with maintaining the good functioning of the electricity grid. Prince Charming decided not to break his stride. Instead, he surrepstitiously sniffed in the busy man’s direction while striding past. Mmmm. Nothing of interest.

And with one more glance over his shoulder, just to make sure there would be no surprise attack from behind, the Prince forged ahead. Now pondering on the concept of an electric soldier, and if there was, in fact, such a thing. Coupled with wondering how to include defending the power grid in his strategic defence plan.

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