Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball only walked a few steps before pausing. He raised his head and carefully smelt the air for the enemy fire. The steady wind through the night had made such a wonderful difference to the atmosphere. Smoke that had hung so thick and heavy was now merely the slightest odour in the cool breeze. The fires in the beautiful bushland to the west of the empire were an enemy that he had hitherto not given much consideration.

Unlike any organised army that marched with knights, rode on horses or thundered along in tanks. Instead, the embers were like erratic, high-tech missiles, zagging through the scorching air to find purchase in dry leaves. Exploding, with a life of their own, and quickly mushrooming into an unpredictable adversary. Evolving onto many fronts and supported by the unlikely allies of the wind and dry heat. Morphing through the day into an even more formidable foe.

HRH walked a little further while pondering this. He knew he would need to dust off the scripts of old and revisit his training manuals. Expressly focusing on some new defence strategies and of course, check the Palace once again. Fire was fractious, and it never hurt to always be ready. With an even more determined stride, he urged Lady W along as he wanted to check on the enclave and return to his studies.

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