HRH stood boldly at the window of Lady W’s carriage. While at the same time stretching his back and craning his neck to see out of the window. He wanted to be sure that they went to the right place in the enclave for his inspection. The Royal Consort complied and followed his instructions to the letter. As a result, it was not long before they were strutting down the street. However, they walked with some trepidation as the growl and grumble of trouble grew louder and louder as they headed down the leafy path.

Growl and grumble trouble

A raspy noise came from the area some way ahead. It seemed as if a large beast had a sore throat and was then caught between a cough and a growl. The Prince had been practising his martial arts and was not afraid. It didn’t matter if there would be growl and grumble trouble. Obviously, he was ready for battle. No matter the circumstances, he prepared for what was to come. He had imagined that the beast that lay ahead would be green and scaly with a large tail and even larger mouth.

Short and stout

In this case, he was very disappointed. In the distance, he could now make out a bright blue, stout ‘creature’ with a wide snapping beak. No scales or tooth-filled jaw, nor slashing tail that spoke of war. Instead, a solid and compact front end loader clearing away building rubble. It still sounded like the growl and grumble of trouble. And there is no doubt it would wreak havoc with his bones if it trundled over a delicate paw. But it was definitely not a monster made for battle.

Leave the rubble behind

So he proceeded to walk a wide path around the machinery as it showered dust, plastic and small stones in a halo around its work area. His Highness shook his head at all the mess. Though he was pretty sure the rubble would eventually all be cleared away and he most certainly didn’t have time to waste. Striding forward to continue his inspection of the laneway and surrounding properties.

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