Happy Australia Day 2020

Happy Australia Day 2020 to everyone who lives in this Great Southern Land. I hope you will be able to celebrate with your fur babies, friends and family.

For our Holiday Mum Pet Care friends who live abroad, here are a few comments about Australia Day. This annual national public holiday marks the anniversary of the arrival of the British First Fleet’s sailors on our shores.  And also denotes the first meeting between the aboriginal inhabitants of Australia and the Europeans in Sydney Cove.

On the internet and in social media posts you will see that not everyone is happy to celebrate our national identity on this specific date. Some feel that because of the impact of British colonisation on the first peoples of this land, that an alternative date should be chosen for such celebrations. You can read more about Australia Day here.

Many will enjoy time off work and even go away for the Australia Day long weekend. I, on the other hand, will have the pleasure of pet minding some beautiful animals.

Celebrating fur babies and family

On Australia Day, Holiday Mum will celebrate the unconditional love that our fur babies give to us. As well as the wonderful fellowship from friends and the enduring love of our families. Together with the privilege of being able to live in one of the most amazing places on earth.

The benefit of dog walking on a public holiday is that I will get to enjoy the famous Australian summer sunshine while most people are still sleeping and the suburbs are quiet. Likewise, the joy of pet minding, while others enjoy their holiday, is that I get to soak up all the unconditional love from their fur babies when they cannot be there.

You will be able to read more about my individual pet sitting adventures in my blog section under Latest Pet Minding News.

Commemorating Australia Day

As I head out and about I will see Australians commemorating the national day with a great deal of pride. In the lead up to this weekend Australian flags have been put onto cars, flown from front porches or draped across fences. As well as flags fluttering in and around shops, showing the love for this beautiful country and her people.

To those of you who will attend your Citizenship Ceremony today and become a citizen of Australia, we say congratulations!

Uniquely Australian animals

Australia is also blessed with many unique animals. So to round off this blog post I pay tribute to the wonderful and often weird creatures that reside throughout Australia. While also acknowledging that many species are endangered and threatened. They deserve our love and efforts to preserve them, and their habitats, for Australians and all citizens of the earth.

Happy Australia Day 2020 to all my fellow countrymen!