Happy Valentines Day to Everypawdy

Kisses to wish everypawdy a very Happy Valentines Day today. Best buddies, Oscar the Beagle and Zazu, the Dachshund share the love in their very special friendship. One of the best qualities that dogs have is their ability to show unreserved and unconditional love. So what better way to reward this than to show them some love in return?

Five ways to spoil your dog on Valentines Day

Everypawdy in the household should feel the love and share in a Happy Valentines Day. So here are five ways to make it special for your dog.

1 – Take your dog for a long walk

Even if you walk your dog every day you may want to go along a new route or try out a different dog-friendly park. Your loyal companion will love you for it. Besides, you will benefit too. After a long week at work, it will help you to burn off some of the stress hormones and start to relax. Together with the exercise, you will also get plenty of opportunities to give your precious pooch a cuddle along the way. There are plenty of parks that you can try in the Hills District Sydney, just scroll down the page to find the links.

2 – Play a game they enjoy

It can be a case of love is in the air as you throw a ball and play that game of catch they enjoy. On the other hand, the happy growls when playing tug may be just what’s needed to make it a Happy Valentines Day for everypawdy. However, your delightful doggie may be old and plagued by arthritis. So instead, you can dedicate some quiet time in a special spot to give them the neck scritches and focused attention they love. Whatever you decide you can be sure that your canine companion will adore you for your thoughtfulness.

3 – Bring home a new toy

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like bringing home a new squeaky toy for your fur baby. Although, it’s understandable if all that noise won’t bring you joy. So perhaps something quieter, like a new chew toy or a treat-dispensing toy is a better option for your home environment. Better yet, if you have the opportunity, take your pampered pooch to the pet store and let them choose their own toy. Together with this, take a moment to relax. Watch them get excited by the fun and activity, so that you can share the moments of pure joy.

4 – Spoil your pawsome Valentine with a treat

We all know our dogs can sniff out a treat from a mile away, so why not may Valentines Day pawsome with a huge bone? Instead of going with something traditional, you could opt for some unique pupcakes or barking biscuits from a specialised baker that caters to animals’ dietary requirements. Please beware, not everypawdy will be made happy on Valentines Day with a treat of chocolate. Quite the opposite, chocolate can make your pup awfully ill, so keep the two-footers candy for the humans only!

5 – How about a hot date?

You may have missed out on that hot Valentine’s date but that doesn’t mean your fur-buddy needs to miss out too. How about organising some fun with another pup? If they are well socialised they will enjoy the stimulation and companionship of another dog. What could be better? Well, if you like, you can try dating with your dog as your companion. Another great way to make it a Happy Valentines Day for everypawdy.

Everypawdy is Happy on Valentines Day

One of the best ways to make everypawdy happy on Valentine’s Day is to spend time with them. The gift of uninterrupted attention shows them how much you care. Put aside your worries and leave your work at the office. Settle down, relax and think about how much joy your fabulous fur friend brings into your world. From the joyful welcome at the door to the happy snuggles by your side. You mean the world to them. You are their world!

The Swedish proverb, “Life without love is like a year without summer” rings true on this special day. And you have the greatest love of all from your dog.