The Prince embraced the winter chill. Striding confidently, he reveled in the opportunity to both expend some energy and to assuage his curiosity about the local residents. His legs were working well. However, he had pause to wonder whether his eyesight was failing him as he approached an intersection. There appeared to be a large dog walking with a man, well, not really walking it seemed. For its hind legs were completely still, although the pair were moving forward. HRH blinked, hoping it was only the sharp sunlight disturbing his vision.

He peered ahead. Walking quickly to close the gap and reassure himself that neither his eyes nor his brain were playing tricks on him. Thankful and relieved to find that his eyes had not misled him. Then consequently dismayed to note that the beautiful sable-coloured dog was definitely not using its back legs. Instead, its hindquarters were supported by its own consort as it walked on only its forelegs. Lady W ushered him along, reminding him it was not appropriate to stare. The Prince wanted to know more. Under the circumstances, all that Lady W could surmise was that this hound had had some surgery. And as a result, the outing was part of the journey to recovery. Prince Charming glanced once more over his shoulder at his injured counterpart, then marching firmly on, enjoying the feeling of all four paws pounding the pavement.