Pet minding Netherland Dwarf Rabbits is heaps of fun. Each one fits snugly into my cupped hands with only their sweet little ears sticking out. (The breed standard says their ears should measure no more than 75mm. Although 50mm is the preferred length.) Dwarf rabbits come in a wide variety of colours. In this case, Miffy is the most delicious shade of caramel referred to as ‘orange’. While Button is the most delightful shade of Lilac called ‘blue fawn’.

Even so, all that I really care about is that they are super-soft and very cuddly. I get lovely snuggles when I take them over to their exercise pen for a romp around and playtime. Button is more adventurous and keen to make friends. On the other hand, Miffy is cautious and restrained as she carefully explores her surrounds.  This duo may be small and sweet but they already have a big place in my heart!