Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball heard the rumble of the royal consorts’ carriage on the drive. Truly delighted that he would soon be out walking in the glorious sunshine. With this in mind, HRH paused. Showing too much enthusiasm at this moment would be unbecoming of his regal status. However, his joy got the better of him. He lept up from the chaise. Shaking lose his ebony coif and preparing to do the danse de salutation.

As he lept gleefully into Lady Walkalot’s arms, his nuzzling nose was immediately drawn to the parfum de chat . The pungent scent wafted faintly from her attire. His cute black snout twitched. Furiously carving through the odeur and trying to discern the individual notes it held. His curiosity was piqued. Forthwith, he peppered Lady W with a barrage of questions as they stepped into the morning light. The good lady sighed. She began to speak of her other duties. In this instance, to care for another little prince-in-waiting who went by the name of Darren. A bold and affectionate cat who courted her attention. Although she quickly reminded her beloved Prince Charming that her greatest love remained for him!