Holiday Mum Pet Care Terms and Conditions


Complimentary Pre-Care Visit

Holiday Mum Pet Care will pay a complimentary visit to you and your pet at home, to introduce myself and collect all the information necessary to ensure that the best level of care will be provided while you are away. This includes information relating to your pet’s daily routine, veterinary care, medication and exercise, as well as to collect the keys.

Conditions Relating to Pet Care

All of the elements required for the complete care of your pet for the duration of the booking are to be supplied by the Pet Owner. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • sufficient food for your pets for the duration of the booking (unless another arrangement has been put in place prior to care commencing), including dry, wet and fresh foods, and any treats, as well as information relating to diet and allergies
  • leads/collars/harnesses for dog walking
  • cat litter and cleaning materials to ensure appropriate hygiene is maintained
  • pet and season-appropriate bedding materials (cushions, sawdust, hay, etc.), with items like blankets for the cold months, and any cooling mats, ice packs or similar materials, for the summer months
  • specific information relating to the habits of your pets, their behaviour within the household and when out walking (if relevant), or other characteristics that may have a bearing on their care
  • medication, along with administration instructions, as well as veterinary care provider details
  • toys, combs and brushes for coat care
  • any other materials, equipment or supplies required while in the care of Holiday Mum Pet Care.

Dog Walking and Puppy Playtime Service

My priority is to take the best care of your pet. Therefore, in the case of extreme weather (high temperatures, storms, heavy rain, etc.), Holiday Mum Pet Care reserves the right to adjust, reduce or suspend walks for dogs in the interest of their health and/or safety, and to substitute this with playtime or similar interaction in their home, at the agreed cost.


Holiday Mum Pet Care is covered by Public Liability insurance.

Veterinary Care

While every effort will be taken to ensure a happy, healthy pet, sometimes things don’t go to plan. In the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or suffers an injury while under the supervision of Holiday Mum Pet Care, their health and care will be my highest priority. I will always attempt to contact the owners (or assigned emergency contact) to discuss the situation. However, if the owners cannot be contacted in a time frame deemed appropriate for the situation, your pet will be taken to the Veterinary service that you have indicated in your pre-care visit, and Veterinary care will be sought, at the owner’s expense. Holiday Mum Pet Care will then make decisions on your pet’s care based on the recommendations of the consulting Veterinary surgeon. Holiday Mum Pet Care also reserves the right to reclaim additional expenses in relation to costs incurred in securing the appropriate Veterinary care for your pet. This includes, but is not limited to, travel costs and time. Should your preferred Veterinary care provider or clinic not be available for any reason (opening hours, public holidays, proximity, etc.), the next best or closest Veterinary care provider will be sought, at the expense of the owner.


It is the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure that all parts and aspects of their property are secure, suitable and safe for their pet while they are away. While the pet is not in the company of Holiday Mum Pet Care, and the owner is away from the pet, Holiday Mum Pet Care will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or escape that occurs. Should the pet be injured or escape due to faulty equipment provided by the owner, or unsuitable and unsafe aspects of their property while in the company of Holiday Mum Pet Care, Holiday Mum Pet Care will also not be held responsible. The following are recommended actions to be taken by the owner prior to the commencement of pet care services, to facilitate pet safety:

  • All vaccinations, worming, tick and flea treatments are up to date
  • All pets are micro chipped and registered with the relevant local authority
  • All pets microchip details are kept up to date – change of address, change of telephone numbers or of emails, etc.
  • All pets wear a collar (or similar) with a name tag, and have current contact details engraved, stitched or inscribed
  • Pet care and walking equipment is checked to ensure it is fit for purpose and safe to use with the pet
  • Fencing, boundaries, enclosures, gates, doggie doors and other equipment are checked and will provide safe and secure containment for your pets

Bookings, Surcharges and Cancellations

Holiday Mum Pet Care books sufficient time for the pet care services requested, and also the travel time required, to ensure that all of the pets in my care receive the time and devotion that you expect for your treasured animal. When I commit to your booking, I may then have to turn other clients away, and it may not be possible to fill your time slot at short notice. As a result, the following applies:


  • A 25% deposit for the pet care service you require secures your booking.
  • During peak periods, a 50% deposit may apply.
  • For extended periods of care (greater than 2 weeks), Holiday Mum Pet Care may require pre-payment for part of the period of care, installments over the period of care, or pre-payment for all of the period of care. This will be negotiated and agreed on a case by case basis, prior to the commencement of care.

Off-peak periods: Deposits are not refundable for cancellations that occur 7 days, or less, prior to the agreed date of commencement of pet care services.
Peak periods: Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations that occur 4 weeks, or less, prior to the agreed date of commencement of pet care services. Peak periods include all public holidays, long weekends, school holidays and the whole of December and January.


Holiday Mum Pet Care will only charge a cancellation fee when:

  • there has been no attempt by the pet owner to contact and inform Holiday Mum Pet Care (by email, voicemail, through website, or similar) of the cancellation of the provision of services, or
  • the owner cancels the booking on the day of service, or
  • Holiday Mum Pet Care is unable to access the pet owner’s property as agreed to provide the service, or
  • the pet owner is not present at the property at the agreed time, or
  • decides at that point that they no longer wish the pet care or dog walking service to be provided.


Currently, there is no surcharge for Christmas Day, New Years Day or any other Public Holidays. We have a number of payment options available and also accept MasterCard®, Visa and American Express® credit cards and debit cards. A credit card merchant service fee may apply. ABN 85 740 352 260.


All photographs taken of your pets remain the copyright of Desireé and Holiday Mum Pet Care, and may be used in marketing material, on social media or for any other purposes. Great care is taken to ensure that your property is not identifiable in these images. Please feel free to discuss this if you have any concerns.

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