I love getting all the bunny cuddles while rabbit minding Coco. She’s so soft and sweet, but also cheeky. Sniffing out the rabbit food containers and trying to get an extra portion.

Run free

She has a very comfortable enclosure, but when I do her pet care, this gorgeous rabbit is allowed the run of the room. Although she knows the room and space well, she will always do a thorough inspection of each corner. Along with checking the furniture to see if anything has changed. Next, she will hop on over to check where Holiday Mum Pet Care has been. Curious about the smells on my shoes. Her cute bunny nose twitching and wiggling as she figures out where I’ve been.

Equally important, she’ll want to know who else I have held close. With this in mind, a leap onto the couch for a quick sniff is on the cards. (I’m not sure her Mum would actually allow this, but then Coco looks like she’s done this before.) The moment alongside me doesn’t last long before she hops off again, looking for traces of her usual companions.

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Feed me

Then it’s back to her own little rabbit house to check out the hay. She peers back at me as if to say, “Where are my greens? Where is my piece of carrot? It’s time for my dinner, okay?” Obviously the dinner has not been served as the pet minder is still cleaning the tray. So she heads off again, for another round of room to make the most of the time to play! Rabbit minding with Coco is constantly filled with entertaining moments. Before I get any more distracted by her cute antics, I head off to get her dinner and fill her water. After all, Coco nibbling a carrot is also the sweetest thing to see!

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