The Prince’s onyx locks on his tail swished regally as he walked along. The good weather had put him in good spirits and added a slightly pompous bounce to his normally smooth steps. Spring always made him feel more like a monarch, for reasons he struggled to explain, even to himself. Perhaps the lush abundance of blooms swelled his pride. A symbol of the prosperity and harmony in the enclave, he felt. HRH was not pretentious and had little time for hubris in others. Therefore, Prince Charming could not help but feel a small measure of disdain when he and Lady W came upon carefully coifed Yorkshire terrier.

Clipped, combed and wearing her hair bow like a crown. Aloof and disinterested, the Yorkie gazed lovingly at her Mum while carefully avoiding eye contact with the Prince. In any event, he felt it was silly to ride aloft in a consort’s arms. Especially when one could rather be walking and savouring the plethora of smells that smothered the sidewalk. With this in mind, Prince Charming tugged at the leash. Firmly letting Lady W know that there would be no time for chitter-chatter and patting other pooches. After all, the Prince had royal work to do and not a moment to waste on frivolous fondling of fur!