HRH strutted proudly down the esplanade. The sunlight catching the muted shades of grey on his ears, making him look even more distinguished. Lady W almost fell into a swoon at the very sight. She readjusted her spectacles to get a better view. Which for some reason made her think of Truffles. Not the eating kind. Instead, a gorgeous black and white cat that wore reading glasses. In this case, not for the cat to see better herself but to encourage little children to wear their spectacles. Lady W shared this story with Prince Charming and even showed him a picture of the lusciously fluffy cat in her gorgeous green ‘goggles’. The Prince peered at the image through his obsidian fringe and looked up at Lady W. All a bit silly he thought to himself but elected to say nothing. He supposed it was better to encourage the youngsters and help them in any way that worked. He was glad his assigned role was that of the protector of the realm. With this in mind, he turned his attention forward and increased his walking pace. Leaving Lady W to almost have to break into a run to catch up.

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