Splendid sunshine had greeted the Prince as he headed out on his walk. Although the low bearing of the sun spoke of the coming winter solstice, it was still high enough to generate great warmth. Blankets of leaves covered the pavements, and many gardeners toiled over their share of fallen debris as HRH wandered by.

There was an almost simultaneous squeal of dismay and a deep, jagged rumbling as he crossed a carriageway. Partially blinded by the sun, the Prince saw an odd carriage rolling toward him, with the roof bobbing up and down as it hit the undulations in the drive. Swinging first to the hedge line and then rocking back towards the fence line. Just before bouncing over a deep groove and unceremoniously landing on its side. HRH had fully expected someone to come rolling out of the odd vehicle. Instead, as he squinted in the sharp light, he saw a fountain of brightly coloured leaves explode from the carriage. He quickly changed his angle of observation.

In fact, it was an errant wheelie bin that had escaped the grasp of an intrepid gardener. And in this case, woefully undoing his hard work at clearing the drive of leaves. The Prince quickly chivvied Lady W along. Granted, he had much to see, but also for fear that he might need to spend the afternoon helping to rake up the leaves.