The wind ruffled Prince Charming’s plumed tail as he walked along. He tried to make sense of the myriad of smells. But the wind also ruffled his thoughts. The scents were churned, mixed and filtered in the fractious gusts. Completely distracting HRH. He didn’t even think about warcraft, the protection of the citizens and countering a sudden attack. So the Prince was understandably startled by the loud cacophony of chirping that erupted as they rounded the corner. Simultaneously assailed by a swooping noisy miner. Thankfully, Lady W’s wide-brimmed hat was as good as any helmet. Her headgear an adequate initial deterrent to the angry bird. But the Prince was far too ruffled to do battle with the feathered warrior.

He increased his walking pace. HRH efficiently propelled Lady W out of the war zone and into more peaceful regions. Two approaching dogs quickly salved his irritation at the unprovoked flight of fury. Instead, he prepared to do battle with the confidently striding doggie duo. His royal head raised, shoulders squared and chest pushed forward.