Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball relished his walks with Lady W as they had a way of delivering secret garden treasures. Sometimes he could sneak over the property lines and get a good whiff of something new. He could also usually find a trail that had been left by some nocturnal creature. Though in reality, he didn’t really mind. He felt that he was exposing a secret and being rewarded with a treasure, regardless of whether it was verge, walkway or garden.


Secret garden


The wind rustled the leaves in the garden surrounding the villa. However, the gap below the wooden gate was too narrow for him to really get a good whiff of what lurked behind the wall. As a result, he politely requested that the royal consort peeked through the openings in the gate and inform him of anything of consequence. But the secret garden prevailed and held its treasures close. So the Prince preferred to move on.



Exposed treasure


At which point he almost stumbled over a beetle. Not that it was large! On the contrary, it was very small. Unfortunately, he had seen it too late and his side-step had unsteadied him. Moreover, ancient wisdom told him that it was best not to get too close to such creatures. HRH was surprised that the insect displayed itself in such an open setting. Under these circumstances, it would be easy prey for the magpies and crows that were on the prowl.


The bug just toddled along the sidewalk in spite of the exposed position. Clearly it was oblivious to the potential danger from a ferocious warrior like his highness, as well as a multitude of other predators. Yet the Prince valued peace and harmony, despite his fierce military mind and role as protector of the realm. He had no battle to fight with this beetle, nor wish that it come to any harm. Instead, he would have preferred that it headed to the safety of some manor grounds. Thus becoming one of the secret garden treasures for children to discover and admire, and then set free to fly for another day.



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