Share the Serenity Caturday with gorgeous, floufy black cat, Kalif and Holiday Mum. Obviously he is the self-appointed protector of his acerage in Fiddletown. So with this in mind, I am carefully surveyed by him and assessed on my arrival. Then, the mini puma acknowledges that I may enter his home and sanctuary. In order to serve dinner on time and speak about the hunt. The mice, the birds, the lizards. Too sneaky, too quick, too feisty. After all, it’s too easy if you know the treat of fresh meat awaits. Certainly laid on with little effort on his part, except to hurry the cat minder along. However, the best is yet to come. For this Saturday is surely a Serenity Caturday.

Sunset watchtower

The breeze is so light it barely ruffles Kalif’s fur as he slinks easily from the back porch to his sunset ‘watchtower’. Notably, very strategically located high up and near the fence. In order that he can enjoy the serenity and survey the paddocks where the horses graze. As well as keep a watchful eye on his stripey cat brother as he starts to meld with the shadows. The setting sun starts to give way to the darkness of the night. In fact, we hear no cars, no noise of the city, only a distant neigh and the slightest rustle of leaves. It truly is serene and peaceful. Consequently, Kalif relaxes a little more as all is well in his world. The last rays of light catch the clouds, with stunning hues of pink and grey. I am grateful to share this Serenity Caturday with Kalif.

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