Prince Gelati Fluffball hurried Lady W along. He wanted to cover as much territory as possible in his winter review of the royal precincts. Reports from across the kingdom had indicated nothing untoward. Consequently, he had relaxed his guard and completely thrown himself into the task at hand. He was so engrossed that the giant teeth and gaping mouth that confronted him, came as a complete surprise on many fronts. Firstly, such a vicious monster had found its way so close to the palace, and secondly that it was indeed a fish out of water.

Having only moments ago hurried Lady W along, he now tried to slow the pace and strategise. What purpose could a shark on land have? Or was it a decoy? Or perhaps an ambush, like the Trojan Horse concealing warriors? Lady W was either oblivious, or completely unafraid of this denizen of the deep, as she strode forward, so the Prince walked by her side. To provide her with protection if needed, of course. The pavement was scarred with irregular tracks, deep muddy puddles and churned earth behind where the behemoth lay.