Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball walked confidently down the esplanade. The gentle breeze ruffled the obsidian plume that was his tail. HRH stayed alert and on guard, ready to do battle and fiercely defend the Kingdom. He was expecting a brash and bold adversary but not a silent and deadly enemy. Regardless, he would not easily give in to panic, nor unnecessarily raise the alarm.

Silent and deadly enemy

So he was a little bemused to come across a strolling couple who were adorned with face masks. He was well aware of the microscopic foe that was gaining ground on many fronts. Quietly staging attacks, laying folk low and then advancing, crossing borders and infiltrating new enclaves and even whole kingdoms. This minuscule enemy was a specific coronavirus now known as COVID-19. Originating in Wuhan, China, it had made its way to many parts of the world through simple yet effective means. Despite its diminutive stature, it claimed lives, making it a silent and deadly enemy.

Spreading quickly

The virus spread from one person to another after close contact with a person carrying the infection. Or else from contact with the droplets from the coughing or sneezing of the infected person. However, the Prince also knew that the health authorities in the Kingdom had advised that there was no need for healthy people to wear masks. Instead, only those with the infection could limit its spread by wearing face masks. Unfortunately, the spread was silent due to the incubation period, and for the aged or immune-compromised it could be a deadly enemy.

Carry on as normal

In this case, the pair looked fit and well, clearly not suffering any visible ailment. So he nodded cordially to the masked couple before giving the slightest shake of his head.  For now, he was happy to put the silent and deadly enemy out of his mind and return his attention to the fragrant delights of the vale.

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