HRH strode confidently through the enclave. Sniffing efficiently as he kept up the momentum of the walk. Stopping only when the scent was unusual, or particularly fragrant and speaking to him in far greater detail. Despite the chilly winter breeze bearing more smells, Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball found nothing unusual. So he turned his attention to Lady Walkalot in the hope that she may deliver some entertainment.

The good lady was most obliging, babbling with enthusiasm about the Dogs in the Park event she’d attended on the weekend. She spoke of dogs big and bold, like the wonderfully fluffy Leonberger. And then those who were small and slight. Like the two Toy Poms, who sat prim and proper in a pram for pets! And there would always be those who were dressed up to show off. The Prince cast an eye over the images and shook his head, his ebony locks rustling in the breeze and adding impetus to his amazement. He was thankful to be free on foot and free of fancy accoutrements. He picked up the pace and lengthened his stride once more, keen to focus again on the local scents and erase some of the silly images from his mind.