HRH stepped clear of Lady W’s carriage blissfully unaware of the small and savage foe that lurked close by. Mostly because his ears were immediately assaulted by the growl of mowers and the whine of whipper snippers. The grass had grown long and lush. In fact, as high as an elephant’s eye! Or in this case, as high as the Prince’s shoulders. Unsurprisingly, he would not be deterred. With this in mind, he set about investigating every blade and branch he could reach as he walked along. Certainly one could not always know where the enemy may come from. To his surprise, it was not a big enemy that was out in force after the rains.

A small and savage foe

He grimaced as Lady W wiggled from foot to foot and swatted her legs. Most unladylike, he thought as he surveyed the attack from a small and savage foe. He recalled reading about a researcher who was monitoring the little bugs. The scientist was dismayed when he learned that his insect traps had been destroyed by the bushfires. However, his disappointment did not last long. As remarkably, his research subjects had quickly returned to the ravaged area. The theory is that their eggs survived the fires. The soil credited with protecting the spawn from the searing heat. The pouring rain then reawakening the eggs and bringing new life. In the bushland, as in the city, the tiny mosquitoes were out and about. A small and savage foe that was unrelenting in its quest for blood!

Prince Charming pushed on with a determined stride. Keen to forge his way through the long and entangled grass. His Royal Highness most intent on finding a clear path. And most of all, eager to escape the attention of such an unworthy yet formidable opponent.

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