Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball had found the Arctic blast from the South invigorating. In fact, the icy tentacles of the wind prodded and poked him. Waking up his neurons and causing them to fire in many different directions. Consequently, his thoughts turned to how to defend the palace and protect the King and Queen. As well as where the next attack may come from.

Straightaway, his thoughts of a foreign, icy land made him think of space. Of the stars, of intergalactic knights. With armour not of old. But of modern, finely woven cloth. Perhaps imbued with metals yet unknown. Providing the ultimate protection again starbursts and lasers and all sorts of high tech weaponry. He felt his heart beat faster. But he knew nothing that came from outer space would stop him from putting up a good fight.

Lady W’s comments broke through his thoughts, bringing him back to focus as he walked on the cold earth. She was pointing out the splendour of a Magnolia Starwars tree. Resplendent with its large and delicate maroon-to-pink flowers. Looking like an enormous starburst. Like a huge explosion of fireworks. And HRH could only hope that anything that came from space would be this pleasing and beautiful. Bringing only joy and happiness, and most of all, peace.