Prince Charming Gelati Fluffball revelled in the sunshine. His coat shone. Even the notes of grey on his ears were more like threads of silver. Regal and distinguished, he walked proudly along, sniffing. Always keen to find something new. And he was not disappointed. Standing against a wall with a number of other items were some strange cylinders. At first he thought they may be some kind of gas cylinder that welders might use. There was so much work going on in the enclave. Houses, gates, driveways, and fences all being renewed and refurbished. ​But these cylinders did not smell like the workmen’s would. In fact, they had no smell at all. No hints of strange gas. No hints of even barbeque gas.

So HRH tilted his head quizzically in Lady W’s direction. Slightly cocking an ear and enquiring if she knew anything. She quickly reassured him that there was nothing to worry about. The cylinders, if full, would only contain air. Compressed air. The Prince looked at them again. How silly, whatever would one need so much air for? Especially as it was freely available all around the kingdom? Lady W giggled and explained to HRH that the cylinders were used by SCUBA divers to be able able to breathe deep underwater. The thought of this did not appeal to him, so with a quick shake of his coat, he forged ahead. Happy for the firm ground below his feet and the endless supply of fresh air in the enclave.