The Prince bore himself regally. Partly due to his excellent upbringing and tuition, and partly due to the breeding in his ancient royal lineage. He was a man of his people. Always willing to engage with the subjects of the realm. Of course, today was no different as a Tenterfield Terrier rushed out of his garden to greet the Royal entourage. Clearly enthused to make a closer acquaintance with the Prince.

HRH was most gracious. He knew this Australian breed had only been acknowledged by the ANKC in 2002. However, the lineage dated back to the British settlers, who had carefully selected terriers to accompany them on the long sea voyages South. The dog’s task was to manage rats and other vermin on the ships. This without taking up valuable space, as well as being able to infiltrate the deepest niches and crevices of the vessels. Their mission was to hunt and destroy unwanted ‘passengers’. Once the breed settled in Australia they were great farm dogs. Working hard to control foxes, rats, and rabbits for their owners Until later, they were named after the town of Tenterfield in NSW. A place where they were bred in significant numbers.

The Prince had concluded the obligatory nose to bum, then nose to nose greeting. Followed by an enquiry as to the Terrier’s wellbeing. His assessment was that the confident little fellow was no more than a companion to the gentleman of the Manor. With his in mind, he graciously extricated himself from the conversation and nudged Lady W along. Feigning important business for which he was running late.