I would have given Desiree, the Holiday Mum, 10 stars if the option was available. Desiree is very passionate, caring and full of patience with our ‘M&Ms’ (Mika and Milo). Both are about 43 kgs large dogs and Desiree showed lots of confidence as she came to meet them for the first time. She has displayed a high level of experience in handling and interacting with large dogs. Milo, the male one, does not warm up to any strangers easily and can be very intimidating to anyone who walks into our home for the first time. Desiree was never deterred but worked patiently with Milo to gain his trust. We could take our holiday comfortably knowing that both M&Ms got to see their Holiday Mum every day and have their daily walks and feeds as usual at home. They would have been very miserable if they were sent to a dog boarding place because they are both of an anxious nature. Desiree has also been very flexible in working with us preceding our holiday to ensure M&Ms spent enough time to get to know her well, and she got to know their routine as well. They are really lucky to have Desiree around and be there for them, so did we so that we could enjoy our time away thoroughly. I will definitely get on to Desiree again as soon as we plan our next holiday!