This page is dedicated to providing you with links to useful resources on topics related to your pets.

Comprehensive Pet Care Information

The Australian RSPCA offers a comprehensive collection of information for a variety of pets:
RSPCA – Companion animal knowledge base

Avian resources

The Aviculturist Finches and Softbills Magazine:

Finches and Softbills Magazine

Avian DNA Testing and Sexing:

Molecular Diagnostic Services Australia

Hyperthermia, Heat Stress and Heat Stroke in Pets

Australian articles for preventing, recognising, and managing the impact of heat on your pets:

The University of Sydney – How to keep small animals safe in hot weather

The University of Sydney – Top tips to keep your pet healthy and happy this summer

RSPCA – What can I do to prevent heatstroke in my pet

Australian Dog Lover – Preventing heat stress in dogs

A supervised dip in the pool

Keeping Woofie cool in temps over 40 degrees

Stretched out on the cool cement in a breeze

A refreshing swim to beat the heat

Winter Weather Tips

Here are some tips to help your pet this winter:

RSPCA – Help animals beat winter blues

Dr Ann Fawcett – Keeping pet rabbits and guinea pigs warm

Please feel free to let me know if there are any other topics for which you would like resource links.

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