Prince Charming was troubled as he walked. The ever-changing weather that swept through his idyllic enclave dismayed him. Wailing wind and wet weather. Then, summer-like sunshine. Followed by another blast of the icy wind. It reminded him that it was only just spring. Meanwhile, he had renewed his efforts and focus on battle-plans. Preparing for the onslaught of any enemy. The Prince thought about battalions of armoured men, knights on horses and the steady advance of heavy tanks. Of strategies and counterstrategies to outwit and outmaneuver the foe. Suddenly a loud crack and ripping sound sliced through the air.  The ground below his feet shook after a resounding thud. Then, the moment of silence before some wails and screams. HRH propelled Lady W forward, primed for a fight. Although he did not know what armament would confront him. Thankfully, it was not long before he could see the source. It lay, vanquished, not by any hand, but by the wind. A tree, blown down and, cracked where the bending trunk could no longer prevail. The Prince briefly surveyed the battleground and it was clear that no harm had come to anyone. HRH was relieved and continued on his way. Just in case some more branches would lose their battle with the wind.